10 ways to match your outfit with the right jewellery

10 τρόποι για να ταιριάξεις το outfit σου με τα σωστά κοσμήματα | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®

The secret of styling, no matter how simple or impressive, is almost always to combine the right clothes with the right jewelry

In fact, women spend an average of 90 minutes a week in their wardrobes trying to choose what to wear and since jewellery is a key element of the whole outfit, why shouldn't the process include proper jewellery sorting?

Have you chosen your outfit but can't combine the right jewellery? Don't worry, we have the solution for you. The right choice of jewellery can accompany your look in an ideal way but it can also undermine it. It all depends on your own mood for styling.

1. Jewellery varies depending on the occasion

Bangle bracelets do not fit very well when typing on a keyboard, so if yoyu aim for a 'work outfit' and your work involves a lot of time on the computer, you might want to skip the big and hanging bracelets.

Also, choosing jewellery for a Saturday cup of coffee or tea certainly won't be the same as choosing jewellery for a night of frantic clubbing.

2. Colorful designs and simple jewellery go together

Intense and elaborate jewellery can steal the thunder from the rest of your look. and minimal hoops, such as Hidden hoop earrings by Emmanuela.

3.The larger earrings highlight your face

Your dress may be the right one, but if you're going to make your face stand out, choose a fancy pair of earrings. The "statement" earrings frame your face and highlight your glow!

Of course you have to take into account the shape of your face and which couple of earrings will best highlight your peculiarities, the ones that make you so beautiful, e.g. ladies with heart-shaped faces may prefer dangle earrings while ladies with oval faces should consider studs and triangular earrings to show off their cheekbones.

4. Jewellery according to skin tone

Jewellery should not only match your outfit... Women who know how to styling, know well that their jewellery should flatter their skin tone as well.

Silver is a typical metal that illuminates light-natural tones more, while gold is particularly suited to dark hair and bronzed skin.Lighter skin tones fit well with gemstones such as red, purple and blue, but platinum is an excellent choice of metal for lighter beige leather tones. Warm skin tones are beautifully combined with yellow, orange and green gemstones. In Emmanuela - handcrafted for you, you will find jewelry in various color tones of 925 silver, such as gilded, pink gold, oxidized, bronze or copper.

5. More "warm" colors in jewelry match more "cold" tones on clothes

Rubies and amber gems make a... statement in themselves, is "statement jewelry". These colors are fiery, intense and look great in black and white. Warm gems are also beautifully combined with simple blue or purple material. For example, a set of rubies over a blue wrap completes your look ideally

6. More "cold" colors in jewelry match more "warm" tones on clothes

There is a science behind the colors of fashion; many stylists refer to the color wheel for inspiration and choose their outfits from it

Throat color wheel tells us that warm and cool shades are mixed in a variety of ways, for example gems in deep green and dark blue color ideally suited to a yellow or orange dress

Achieving a balance between "cold" and "warm" colors is basically the epitome of styling! try to coordinate your jewelry and clothes to be a proper fashionista.

7. The diamond is the best friend of the woman (and not only!)

It's not new, we all know that diamonds have been a favorite jewel of women and men since they were first discovered thousands of years ago

There's a good reason these gems were and are so popular: diamonds go with everything

Aren't you sure how to coordinate your jewelry with the outfit

8. White pearls and clothes in sea tones

Pearls perfectly complement the colors that are in the marine palette, by blue up to deep blue, navy blue and turquoise, how to do it pearls are better combined with the shades of the ocean!

9. Gold, Black and White

Frone to match jewelry that is bold black or gold, with simple and classic looks, such as the classic black dress or a white pants with white top

10. Combine summer and spring ensembles with jewels in colder colors

The freshness of spring and summer clothes is beautifully highlighted with cool, natural colors in jewelry. Try gems such as blue topaz or green peridot against soft and neutral fabrics or patterns.

Jewelry is the No1 accessory!

I'm sure a lot of styling knowledge is required to match jewellery with clothes like an experienced stylist, but at least you've made the start!

If you need unique silver necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings see Emmanuella's collection! Browse www.emmanuela.gr and find the perfect jewellery accessory for the outfit you want.

Don't forget, the right accessories can boost every look with impressive results and the basic rule is one: don't load your outfit with unnecessary items, as the most minimal jewellery is what will make your clothes stand out!

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