The 4+1 Must Have Jewellery That Every Woman Should Have

Τα 4+1 Must Have κοσμήματα που πρέπει να έχει κάθε γυναίκα | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®

The 4+1 Must Have Jewellery that every woman should have

Beauty and positive energy can come from within, but some jewellery can definitely add sparkle and special style to your looks every hour of the day. Every woman's desire to feel confident and confident is often externalized with a statement ring, a pair of silver ornate earrings or even a necklace of... Pearls. The options are endless

Of course jewellery doesn't have to be... diamond to like and make a difference! As long as they are special, well made with a strong construction and adapted to the style of each. Let's face it, women's jewellery is a weakness that all women share.

An and in every season the fashion changes, there are some basic pieces that every woman should have in her collection!

Jewellery designer Emmanuella Alevizopoulou stood out and suggests for you 4+1 basic choices in necklaces, bracelets and rings with small peculiarities in combination of materials and styles, easily combined with each outfit giving finesse and the discreet charm that a woman needs on a daily basis

On the way you can get a little taste of the personal 925 silver jewellery collection of «Emmanuela – Handcrafted for you».

1. Choker necklace with pearl

Pearls are the treasure of the sea and over the years have accompanied women of all ages, whether they are in the form of earrings, or in the form of a necklace, or as rings. Undoubtedly they are one of the most timeless choices for a woman, which is why this "all time classic" proposal could not be missing from the list of 5 must have jewellery for a woman.

Emmanuella's proposal: Handmade minimalist necklace made of 925 silver for women decorated with white pearl. Available in both silver and gold-plated yellow. Find here.

2. 'Honeycomb' cuff bracelet

A choice that matches everything as well as all seasons. It is an easy solution, which gives style and highlights both winter outfits and summer outfits. It is easily worn in combination with a watch or other bracelet, from the office to the evening out.

Emmanuela's suggestion: Handmade bracelet made of plated silver 925. Find here.


  1. 3.Twisted wire hoop earrings (or silver)From 70's to... 20's (2020!), the gold rings were synonymous with the most rock shows, but now everything seems to have changed, as women of all styles (and ages) seem to prefer them. Large rings can be worn on their own, with "layering" bracelets and pendants, with an evening dress and a sweatshirt at work. They are the ultimate choice for a thoroughly-sloppy stylish.
  2. Emmanuela's suggestion: Handmade earrings rings made of 24K gilded silver 925. Find them here.
  3. ring-minimal
  4. 5.Triple band ring!
  5. The silver or gold ring is one of the most basic pieces of jewellery, which we often do not even part with when we wash dishes -a particularly bad habit that causes wear to your favorite jewellery ( read how you can keep your silver jewellery shiny here). It has always been a favorite female jewel, but it is now worn in a way that makes a difference: it can be combined with other identical rings or with a shevalier and catch everyone's eyes on your fingers
  6. Immanuela's proposal: Handmade modern gold-plated silver ring 925. Available in both gold-plated pink and silver. Find it here.

  7. σταυρος-κοσμημα-ασημι
  8. 6.'Cross' necklace
  9. Cross is a timeless jewel that most of us own or even wear every day because of our religion. But now the cross has been re-integrated as a postmodern "must have" female jewel.
  10. Emanouela's proposal: Pendant cross made of oxidized silver 925 Find here.
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