Jewellery: Trends for 2020 - What will we be wearing this year?

Κοσμήματα: οι τάσεις για το 2020 - τι θα φορεθεί φέτος | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®

Whether you are a fan of earrings, necklaces or rings, one thing's for sure: Jewellery is the epitome of fashion, It's the ideal way to complete your outfit and a daily essential for both women and men.


The right jewellery selection can give a breath air to your wardrobe, and you can easily incorporate it into your looks, as the choices are endless. But what changes for 2020 and what can we choose to suit us perfectly?

Like all fashion trends come and go, the same goes for style in jewellery. There are of course timeless pieces, such as a monostone ring or a pearl necklace, which never lose their value, but this does not change the fact that every year new proposals come to be added to our choices.

«Big jewels - Fashion Statements»

This year, the jewels that seem to dominate are bigger, bold maybe even... too much! Special rings with gemstones, ornate earrings and original necklaces with colors and textures, challenge you to include them in your outfit. More generally, fashion in accessories is based on intensity and 'weight'. That means big necklaces, weird designs, unusual earrings etc

«Back to the 90's»

In this case the jewellery follows the fashion trend and turns us back to the 1990s. Chokers, lots of layers and bold designs remind us of what we were wearing back then.


«Timeless pieces with precious stones»

Diamonds were and will be a woman's best friend, but all gems are unique each in their own way. Is your style more natural? Look for natural stones and accompany your daily outfit! Or are you closer to glam style? There are precious and semi-precious stones for all tastes and all budgets.

Don't forget: 5 jewellery trends that have prevailed in 2019 and will continue to concern us in 2020!

Earrings with pearls. Find Emmanuela's proposal here.

Chain necklace. Find Emmanuela's proposal here.

Gold-plated hoops. Find Emmanuela's proposal here.

Rings «Pieces of Art». Find Emmanuela's proposal here.

Minimal Necklaces for every hour. Find Emmanuela's proposal here.


This year, the earrings are sure to steal the show. Winter trends suggest earrings that are large, excessive and indicate a... statement on their own. Another trend this year is single earrings, i.e. wearing only one earring for extra style and minimal feel!

Ultimately, the safest choices of jewellery that will complement your look and impress those around you are the ones that make you feel good.

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