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Quality jewellery made of 925° sterling silver

The metal we mainly use is silver 925, while part of our jewellery is based on bronze or copper. In many of them we use semi-precious stones, pearls, crystals, corals, enamel, feathers and other elements.

Why to choose jewellery from

Thousands of customer reviews

Through our many years of collaborations with major marketplaces around the world, our jewellery has amassed thousands of reviews and photos of ordinary users, which will help you choose the ideal jewellery for you!

Χαμηλές τιμές
Low prices

Because we manufacture and sell our jewellery directly to final consumers, we can keep their quality high and our prices low

Unforgetable gifts

You receive all the jewellery you buy in a quality and special gift package, worthy of the contents

Fast delivery

All jewellery is delivered within 4 days of your order, in Greece, but also almost all over the world

From me straight to you...

Daily, with the help of my team, I send the jewellery we create to every corner of the world!

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